Moving With A Cat: Tips To Keep Things Calm And Cool For The Both Of You

Cats are certainly not known to like change, and moving to a new residence is a pretty big change. The experience can certainly be stressful for a cat, but luckily, there are steps you can take to make the experience easier on your feline companion. Leave your cat's favorite furniture in place until the last minute. Does your cat have a favorite sofa, dresser, or bed he likes to sleep on?

Love Your Tools? Protect Your Investment With Proper Long-Term Storage

Whether you're a contractor taking some time off or you just have too many tools to keep all in one location, storing your tools can be a necessary part of doing business. But storing them properly is key to ensuring the long life and safety of all your expensive tools. Here are 5 handy tips for long-term storage of quality tools. Control the Temperature. The best way to ensure that your tools don't fall victim to moisture problems or battery issues is to store them in self storage units with climate control.

Reduce The Stress Of The Moving Process By Performing These Jobs In Advance

There's little doubt that moving can be one of the more stressful times in your life. However, a simple way to reduce some of the anxiety that you experience is to hire a professional moving service. This will allow you to move into more of an overseeing role while the experts load the truck. It's also possible to perform some other steps that will alleviate some of the stress of your move.

Qualities All Great Storage Facilities Should Have

Picking the best storage unit is a big responsibility since it will affect how safe and secure your items are. Here are some of the qualities you should look for in a storage unit.  Variety of Spaces Different storage customers have varying size needs. Work with your facility to find the pricing and spacing option that meets your needs. In addition to storage units, some facilities offer large lockers for when you just need to store a suitcase or two.

Two Tips for Your First International Move

Moving is always a stressful task, and this is especially true for individuals that are moving to a new country. For those that have limited experience with making international moves, it can be easy to make some simple oversights during the planning process that can cause the move to be more complicated than necessary. Fortunately, you can help to minimize these issues by keeping the following couple of tips in mind while you prepare for your move.