Reduce The Stress Of The Moving Process By Performing These Jobs In Advance

There's little doubt that moving can be one of the more stressful times in your life. However, a simple way to reduce some of the anxiety that you experience is to hire a professional moving service. This will allow you to move into more of an overseeing role while the experts load the truck. It's also possible to perform some other steps that will alleviate some of the stress of your move. Here are some simple things that you can do in the days before moving day to make this big day go well.

Deal With Your Houseplants

It might seem like a small detail, but if you have several plants throughout your home, it's easy to overlook coming up with a plan for them until moving day. Then, amid the busyness of the move, you'll be forced to think quickly about packing your plants. It's better to take a little time a few days before the move to decide how to process. Do you have some old plants that aren't likely tough enough to survive the move? You might want to throw them out. Others that are challenging to move around could be offered to neighbors. For the plants that you do with to keep, it's a good idea to place large bags around their pots to avoid making a mess and, when it's time to move, stick them in the snug area behind the front seats of your vehicle.

Have A Plan For Food

The last thing you want to experience on moving day is the arrival of mealtime and no plan of what you'll eat. Given that you'll likely have family members and friends to feed, it's important to develop a plan in advance. If you're under control a day before the move, take some time to make a large selection of sandwiches, cut some veggie sticks and wash some fresh fruit. Place all these items in the fridge. If you don't have time, decide where you'll get food on the day of the move and assign this task to a friend who can drive to pick it up before it's time to eat.

Take Down Your Fixtures

The last thing you need to be doing on moving day is begin disassembling the various fixtures throughout your home that you want to take with you. As such, it's a good idea to devote time to this job in the days before the move. This means taking down curtain rods and curtains, for example. Handling this job in enough time will also give you an opportunity to patch any small holes in the walls, which the next homeowner will appreciate.

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