Cockroach Conundrum: Dealing With Roaches In Self-Storage Units

Finding self storage units for rent is an affordable and convenient way to make extra space in your home. Unfortunately, even the most top-notch clean storage units attract critters of all types. Pests tend to flock to dark, quiet spaces, and roaches are a particularly common problem in storage units.

But do not let this stop you from renting a unit to store your valuables. There are quite a few measures you can take to prevent roaches from wreaking havoc. When you use the tips below, you can breathe a sigh of relief when thinking about these nasty little creatures.

Consider The Type Of Storage Materials You Use

Before you move into your unit, you have to pack your possessions into boxes and bags. However, some types of storage materials are much more roach resistant than others. Consider these two tips to keep these disease-ridden disasters away from your items:

  • Roaches can eat through paper and cardboard. Roaches are far from being picky eaters. Aside from eating food, they'll eat items like paper and cardboard. This means cardboard boxes are a big no-no for storage units. Opt for airtight plastic or metal containers to keep the creepy crawlies out.

  • Store clothing in vacuum sealed plastic bags. In addition to eating paper products, roaches may eat clothes when they run out of food sources. Use vacuum sealed plastic bag to store clothing and other fabrics in your unit.

Proactive Measures When You Notice Signs Of Roaches

When you start moving into your storage unit, you may notice signs of roaches. For example, a bad infestation usually results in roach feces that look like coffee grounds. You may also simply want to be proactive just in case you are worried about them. In either case, consider these options:

  • Sticky Traps – Sticky roach traps are square paper traps with an adhesive inside. The adhesive attracts roaches, and they get stuck in the traps. You can buy a pack of these traps for just a few dollars. As an added bonus, they can catch mice and other pests, too.

  • Roach Bait – Roach bait traps are pretty handy if you already know there is an infestation. Roach bait comes inside small plastic discs that you set around your storage unit. The roaches take the poisonous bait to their nests, and groups of roaches eat the bait. This quickly causes them to die.

As you can see, you have a few different measures you can take when it comes to dealing with roaches in a self-storage unit. If you have any questions about rodents in your unit, make sure to ask the company that owns the units. They should be happy to address whatever concerns you have.