Qualities All Great Storage Facilities Should Have

Picking the best storage unit is a big responsibility since it will affect how safe and secure your items are. Here are some of the qualities you should look for in a storage unit. 

Variety of Spaces

Different storage customers have varying size needs. Work with your facility to find the pricing and spacing option that meets your needs. In addition to storage units, some facilities offer large lockers for when you just need to store a suitcase or two. 

Good Safety Measures

Be sure that the safety profile of your storage facility is strong. Electronic locking systems are a must; you never know how many previous clients could have access to a physical gate key. Your gate should be controlled by an operator or at least monitored with a surveillance camera that alerts a manager if any suspicious activity is detected. 

Strong Cleanliness Standards

Cleanliness is a big deal. All units should be professionally cleaned between users. Aside from that, note the condition of the building. If you notice that it is dirty, you probably can't trust the company to keep the spaces clean. Dirty storage facilities can affect your items by leaving a smell on your possessions, for instance. Also ask about any past pest control issues and how they were handled. 

Options for Climate Control

Climate control may be an important feature for your storage unit. If you're storing delicate items, such as antique furniture or chemicals, these can be vulnerable in various temperatures. A climate controlled unit is guaranteed to keep your unit at a certain temperature, usually room temperature, all year round. 

Reliable Staff and Manager

Perhaps the person that you will interface with most at your storage facility is the manager. Be sure that you trust this person to deal with any storage facility issues appropriately. You may want to meet them in person to hear their thoughts on dealing with security breaches and other issues in the facility.

Service Beyond the Basics

Finally, many storage centers can offer you a place to put your boxes, but fewer go beyond that to optimize your storage experience. A few great storage facilities will go the distance to offer you free packing and insulating materials or even free pickup and delivery of your items. While these services may not be the standard, they help to denote some of the highest quality storage facilities you can find. 

Talk to a company like Island Movers to find out about the features they offer at their storage facility.