Tips For Storing Cribs

Your child may have outgrown their crib, but you may not be quite ready to pass it on. This is especially true if you are planning to have more children in the future. The best option is to place it in storage until you need it again. The following tips can help you prepare it for storage and store it correctly so that it will be in perfect condition when you need it next.

Tip #1: Clean the mattress thoroughly

Any soil in the mattress, especially urine or spilled milk, will become a major odor issue in storage. Begin by removing the cover, if applicable, and laundering it as directed on the label. Next, vacuum both sides of the mattress with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum. Finally, scrub the mattress. Mix a gentle laundry detergent with warm water. Dip a scrub brush into the solution and scrub both sides of the mattress. Follow up by wiping the mattress clean with a rag and plain water until all the detergent is removed. Air dry the mattress in a sunny location until it is completely dry.

Tip #2: Wipe down the frame

The mattress isn't the only thing exposed to baby stains. Fingerprints, drool, and food can also get onto the frame of the crib. Wiping down the entire frame with a bleach-based all-purpose cleaner should remove the dirt and any germs. Allow the frame to dry before storing.

Tip #3: Fix any damage

Most crib frames are made of wood. Apply a wood polish before storing. The polish will protect the wood and prevent it from drying out. If the wood is already damaged, such as worn finish, consider sanding off the damaged areas and applying a fresh coat of stain before storage. Exposed wood is more likely to suffer rot or other storage damage. This is also a good time to fix any other damage, such as broken railings, since you may otherwise forget about them while the crib is stored.

Tip #4: Pack everything up safely

The mattress is best stored in a plastic mattress storage bag. This will protect it from moisture, dust, and pests. Take the frame apart before storing it, since it is less likely to be damaged if stored flat. Hardware should be placed in a labeled bag and kept with the frame. Keep the frame and mattress stored off the ground, perhaps by laying them on a pallet, to further protect the crib from moisture damage.

Contact a storage units facility for more storage advice.