Moving Your Lego Collection From Your Bedroom To Storage? 4 Ways To Keep It All Safe And Organized

Legos provide great entertainment for young kids and it prepares them for a future of assembling their own furniture by requiring them to follow specific instructions to create a Lego creation. If your love for Legos continued on once you became an adult, you may have an impressive collection in your bedroom. Eventually, you may run out of room to keep the Legos, especially when you get big box sets. So, putting the creations that you have already made and your miscellaneous collection of Legos in storage is ideal.

Invest in or Transfer Freestanding Shelves

It is possible to display Legos in so many ways in a bedroom. But, once you bring it to a storage unit, you want to do it in a certain way to prevent your Legos from getting damaged in any way. If you happen to use freestanding shelves for displaying purposes, you can just move them straight to the storage unit. Another alternative is to pick some up as it can provide a sturdy platform for safe storage.

Use Display Cases for Protection

If you want to save yourself from the responsibility of dusting your Legos after taking them out of storage, you should consider getting display cases. Dusting is a rather daunting task when it comes to Legos because dust gets stuck in all of the little grooves. It takes a lot of time and pinpoint precision to get each piece cleaned. You can find freestanding cases, or you can get ones that will fit on a table that you already have. It will likely cost more than a freestanding shelf, but it does have the advantage in cleanliness.

Get a Few Plastic Totes

Storing a massive Lego collection is going to require a decent amount of space. Keeping the boxes will ensure you can get the maximum value on collections you decide to sell in the future. It is best to use plastic totes that are large enough to protect these boxes as they can get water damaged easily.

Sort Them with a Strategy

Storing your sets is an easy thing to do because you just have to transfer the completed creation. But, a large collection of random Legos is another story. It is important to think about how you want to organize your Legos to figure out your preferred method. Sorting by color, size, type, and set are some good options. Going in with a strategy and sorting your Legos before you start putting them into bins can give you an accurate number regarding how many plastic bins you need to purchase.

Investing in these methods when putting Legos into storage will yield positive results. Visit for more information.