Moving Tips For The Young Professional

A new job in a new city can be a common occurrence for a young professional fresh on the career ladder. Chances are you may also be on your own for such a move, since you may not have family or friends to help out in your new home. The following tips can help you handle your move with minimal stress while sticking to a budget that is realistic for a recent graduate and new professional.

Tip #1: Pack realistically

Chances are your first job -- and possibly your first city -- won't be your final stop. For this reason you may not want to foot the bill to move every single thing you own, especially all the high school and college memorabilia you may have been storing in your parent's attic. Stick to the things you will actually use in your new location, such as clothing and decent quality furniture. You may also want to purge any of your old dorm-style furniture, especially the thrift store specials, that cost more to move than they do to replace.

Tip #2: Consider your immediate living situation

Do you already have a place lined up in your new location? If not, you will need a plan for your belongings while you look for a place. The simplest option is to opt for a moving company that uses crates or pods. These companies will store your crate until you are ready for delivery. Another option is to hire movers that can deliver right to a storage unit. You can then retrieve your items at your leisure once you find your new home.

Tip #3: Get full service at your destination

For many young professionals there is no problem bribing friends with beer and pizza to help them pack and load for the big move, but there may be shortage of help at your final destination if you don't know anyone in the new area. Hire professional movers from a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving to help you unload once you arrive. You may think that you don't own much so you won't need the help, but consider how difficult it can be to wrestle a box spring up stairs on your own. Splurge on the movers -- it will save you time and effort.

Talk to several moving companies to find the one that works best for you. A mover that offers a package deal that includes moving, storage (if necessary), and unloading help can save you money since trying to secure all of these services separately will likely cost more.