Moving An Antique Grandfather Clock To Your New Home? Tips To Get It There In One Piece

If you are moving and have an old grandfather clock, you need to be careful so it does not become damaged during the move. Below are some tips on getting your grandfather clock taken apart and packed so it will look exactly the same when you get it to your new home.

Preparing Your Grandfather Clock

Before you get started, put on a pair of soft gloves, as you should not touch the components with your bare hands.

Most grandfather clocks are made of heavy wood that comes apart in sections. The first thing you should do is to remove the hood. This is the top of the clock case that covers up the movement and dial. In many cases, this will simply lift off. If it does not, it may slide off. Next, remove both side panels and lay them aside. They may slide out or they may be screwed in.

The pendulum should be removed next. It hangs on a spring that may be delicate so be gentle when you remove the pendulum. In most cases, the pendulum is hooked to the chain. Hold the pendulum with your hand, and then unhook it. You should consider asking someone to help you do this so they can hold the pendulum in both hands while you unhook it. You now need to remove the movement. It should simply slide out or lift up. If not, it is likely secured by either screws or clips.

You next need to remove the clock movement from the case. Set the movement aside carefully. Make sure the dial is facing up so the hands do not get bent. You should now be left with the bottom part of the clock casing. It may be one whole piece or it may be two pieces.

Packing Your Grandfather Clock

The wooden pieces of the clock should be wrapped in a furniture blanket. This type of blanket is much more sturdy than a regular blanket. Once wrapped, use packing tape to secure it.  

Put the pendulum and any other components in separate boxes. You need to make sure the components do not move around in the box. You can stop this by using soft cloths to fill up empty spaces.

Talk to a moving company, such as Bekins Van Lines Inc, if you have any questions. Ask them to put the clock case in a rigid container. You can contact a grandfather clock company if you want help taking your clock apart.